When does strawberry picking start?

           Strawberry picking is in July, usually starting about the second week and

continuing for approximately 3 weeks.

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Is it safe to dig up and move a plant that is already planted?

Most plants, if not too large, can be dug up and moved as long as this is done

in the early spring preferably before they start to grow new leaves.

Try to keep at least some soil on the roots when moving.

What is the cost of landscaping?

We charge $43 per hour per person for working on customers properties Ė

often Charlie can provide a quote or sometimes an estimate. 

When is the best time for planting?

The best planting time for most things is spring or early summer,

however potted trees/shrubs and perennials etc. can be planted anytime but spring is the best. 

Will a staff come and look at my yard if I have questions or need help?

Visits by our staff to give advice at a customerís property are possible, but limited. 

Thereís no charge but, we try to answer the questions without a visit first.

What are your fastest growing trees?

Fast growing trees are willow, poplar and Manitoba maple. Fast growing trees

are useful where space is adequate, away from power lines and not to

close to your house.  Slower growing tree are better quality trees.

Fast growing trees are not as strong and often drop twigs and branches.

What trees/ shrubs are good for a hedge?

A lot of different trees/shrubs can be used for a hedge. It all depends on how

big you want your hedge? How much space do you have: width, height?

Select a plant that suits the size requirement. Caragana, Arctic Willow,

Alpine Currant and Cedar are plants we often use for hedges.


What hedge/plant/tree does best buy a busy road?

Most plants do poorly in this location. Cedar and pine are a particularly bad choice.

White spruce is the best of the evergreens for this location.

Which plants do well by a lake?

If itís wet, not much, possibly willow and native dogwood. If itís poor soil,

add black much and fertilizer and then most things will grow

What is pollination?

Pollination takes place between different varieties of the same species.

 Any type of apple will pollinate with another apple, but not with a cherry or pear.

With most fruit trees pollination must take place between 2 varieties.


Will an apple tree convert to a crab apple tree?

Most fruit trees are grown by grafting the desired variety onto a hardy root.

Hardy root is usually a crab apple. If the variety or the top of the

tree dies, the crab apple root will sometimes continue to grow, hence, a convert to a crab apple.


What is an annual?

An annual grows from seed or cutting and completes its life

cycle in one season and then dies.

What is a perennial?

A perennial survives indefinitely having flowers each year.

The perennials we sell in our perennial sections are herbaceous, meaning they

die down each winter and grow back up the following year. Other examples of

perennials are trees, shrubs, strawberries and raspberries.


How often should you water?

Plants should be watered when the soil is partially dry. There is no accurate

schedule to follow.  A big plant in a small container may need water every

day if the weather is warm and sunny. An outdoor garden usually needs a

good watering or rain approximately once per week. Watering should be

thorough,  and not too often. The soil should be watered, not the leaves.