Strawberry picking at Aidie Creek Gardens is on a pick your own basis only.
We are open rain or shine.
Bring your own containers if you have some.
(you can pick in any type of container)
We do have empty baskets for sale.
Kids welcome.
Price is $2.50/pound.
Please leave your pets at home.




Most Recent Information

Picking is now closed for the season.  Thank you to everyone who came picking.  See you next year.



Strawberry Email
To get signed up for our strawberry email, just click on any of this type and this will take you to the contact us section of the website.  Just send us an email saying that you would like to be added to the strawberry email list.  Please put "strawberry email" in the subject line.


Picking Procedure

Once you have arrived at Aidie Creek Gardens, follow the signs to the picking location.  After you have parked, take your empty containers to our "Strawberry Shack" to be weighed.  You will then be directed to a place to pick.  Once you are done picking, take your full containers back to the shack to be weighed again.  The weight of your empty container will be subtracted from the total weight.



For a map to Aidie Creek Gardens

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