Rose Categories
The roses in these lists are what we expect to start the season with.

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Hybrid Tea

Hybrid Tea roses produce large beautifully formed flowers, usually one per stem.  Winter protection is required to survive the winter.  Most commonly grown rose.


Floribunda roses produce flowers that are somewhat smaller, but produced in clusters.  They are usually more hardy than Hybrid Teas, but still are likely to require winter protection.


Grandiflora roses are a cross between Hybrid Teas and Floribundas.  They have fairly large flowers that are usually in clusters, but sometimes single.  Plants are vigorous and flowers are showy.  Grandifloras are more hardy than Hybrid Teas, but still require winter protection in most areas.


Shrub roses often look like wild roses.  They are vigorous with a multitude of showy flowers.  Individual flowers tend not to last as long as other types, but this is compensated by the large numbers of flowers produced.  Shrub roses are mostly winter hardy, so no winter protection is required.



Climbing roses grow long stems and develop flowers on the branches that grow laterally from these stems.  The flowers usually don't grow until the second year, so it is essential that the long stem survives the winter.  Winter protection is required - the stems need to be buried in the ground unless they are the shrub type climbers..  Climbing roses are not natural climbers.  They need to be fastened to a trellis.


Rugosa roses are widely used as an ornamental shrub. They have considerable resistance to several rose diseases. Many varieties are drought resistant and have a strong fragrance