The government has now allowed us to be open to the public but with safety restrictions.  This has really changed how shopping will be for the near future.  All of these policies are very difficult on us and you as the customer but are very necessary to keep our staff and other customers safe.  Please be understanding with our staff when they give you instructions. 

Here are some of the policies that we have made so far.  Any of these policies can change without notice.

We ask that only one member of your family comes shopping.  We understand that sometimes that can not be done due to different family circumstances or physical or mental disabilities.  If you bring your spouse or children, they will be counted against our numbers.  If you must bring your children, they must be with you at ALL times.

Please follow the six foot distancing rules.  Even if you don't believe in it, the person next to you may believe in it.

On  busy days, we will only be allowing certain amount of people in at a time.  Please have your list as ready as you  can and go in and out as quick as you can. 

We suggest that you don't come on a weekend unless you have to.  Weekends are our busiest time.  Mornings and the last hour of the day tend to be the quietest. 

We have signs at the end of the greenhouses with instructions of how many people can be inside at a time.  Please follow those rules. 

Our check out area has been changed quite a bit.  Please look for our signs to help navigate through this area.  Checking out may take more time than usual but it is necessary to keep everyone safe. 

Our usual washroom is off limits during this time.  We have set up a temporary washroom station between greenhouse 2&3.

Our preferred payment is some type of plastic card but we will accept cash if that is all you can provide.

Please do not come to our store if you have had recent contact with someone with covid 19, you have fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose or shortness of breath.

Please do not touch anything unless you are going to buy it.

We realize that this is a lot of changes to take in but it must be done to keep everyone safe.  Things can go back to normal for next year.