This is what we expect to start the season with.
Most herbs are sold in a single pot for $ 4.25

Anise - sweet smelling herb, annual, use leaves in salads, seeds in cakes/bread, grows 18" tall
Arugula - Clip small 6" slim leaf tips early to blend with lettuces for mesclun mixes.  Harvest 12" leaves and 1" flowers to add peppery flavor to salads
Lemon Balm - perennial, grows to 24", lemon fragrance, attracts bees, tea made from the leaves stimulates the heart and calms the nerves
Cinnamon Basil - popular annual in herbal tea, grows 28" tall
Lemon Basil - annual, distinct lemon flavor, grows to 18" tall
Lime Basil - lime scented version of lemon basil
Nufar Basil - sweet scent and flavor, use for pesto, grows to 24"
Marsellais Basil - beautiful dwarf bushy plant (12") with very aromatic leaves
Sweet Basil - annual, use leaves fresh or dried 18" tall, fully mature leaves have a sweeter milder taste and smell
Genovese Basil - annual, 24" tall plants are slow to bolt, heavy spicy taste and smell, used for pesto sauces
Spicy Globe Basil - annual, compact grower, forms tiny, mounded plants, heavy basil flavor
Thai Basil Siam Queen - AAS winner, spicy anise - licorice aroma and flavor, excellent served fresh or in Thai and Vietnamese curries and soups
Purple Ruffles Basil - 24", dark purple lettuce leaf basil
Caraway - Biennial roots are eaten as a vegetable, leaves and shoots in salads, seeds for seasoning, grows to 20"
Catnip - Perennial, a vigorous mint, used for cat toys, grows to 2'
Chives (garlic) - perennial, has an assertive garlic flavor, 12" plant also has long lasting white flowers
Chives - perennial, small 6" plant, chop tops finely for flavoring foods
Chervil - annual or perennial, parsley-like flavor for soups, grows 2' tall
Coriander (Santo) - also called Cilantro, annual slow bolting, grown for aromatic seeds and for seasoning meats, pickles etc., grows to 16", leaves are used in salads
Chamomile - 12", apple scented, a spreading plant, makes an excellent herbal tea
Dill - annual, tall plant used mostly in making pickles, 30"
Lavender - 12", use dried for sachets to perfume drawers and closets, or fresh as a fragrant cut flower
Marjoram - annual, dwarf 16", much stronger flavor than the perennial. Use leaves in poultry dishes, stuffing, gravy etc.
Oregano - perennial, 30" tall, trim to encourage fresh growth, leaves are used fresh or dried in sauces and soups
Parsley - regular curled leaf type, good for flavor in meat dishes, soup, scalloped potatoes, and makes an attractive garnish
Italian Parsley - more flavor than curly leafed parsley
Rosemary - perennial, 24" tall, use needle like leaf tips to flavor meats and sauces
Sage - hardy annual, 18" tall, fragrant greyish green leaves are used fresh or dried to flavor meats, dressings, sauces etc.
Summer Savory - annual, use fragrant leaves fresh or dried for flavoring dressings, gravy or fresh in salads, grows to 12"
Spearmint - perennial, grows to 22" tall, used as plant oil, young leaves for jellies and drinks
Thyme - a honey plant for bees, foliage used for flavoring meat loaf, dressing, poultry dwarf, 12" plant. Used as a ground cover in dry areas
Tarragon - perennial (with winter protection), dries easily. Flavors chicken, eggs, soups, potatoes, mayonnaise, and herb vinegar, 12-14" tall
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